COVID-19 Update

We are back to in-person worship services for both Wednesday and Sunday. Please decide for yourself if you are healthy enough to attend worship, we still want everyone to be safe. If you are elderly or immune compromised and at risk, it may be safer for you to stay home and worship through the radio for the time being. There are many new rules to follow as we re-open. Pew cushions and hymnals have been removed. There will not be bulletins and everything will be on the screens. Communion is served by Pastor Amy. Unless you are a family that is together daily, please keep your 6 foot distance. There will be hand sanitizer available to use freely and we have some masks available also for people who wish to wear them. We will not have coffee fellowship for the time being and fellowship hall will only be open to access bathrooms. Remember no close contact with anyone is requested. If you wish to visit, please do so outside after worship and still maintain your distance. Due to aerosolization (droplets spraying) of the virus, we request you to listen to the hymns as Pastor Amy sings them to us, instead of joining in with the singing. This is the same with prayers also, please pray silently. Please let us know if you have any questions about any of this! Stay safe and healthy everyone!